AD presents the innovative pan recognition system for infrared hobs.

An exclusive idea that allows you to reduce the waste of electricity, turning on the heating element only when needed: an advantage both for professional operators and for environmental sustainability.

An universal solution for all metal pots.

ENERGY-SAVING PAN DETECTOR can be used in all infrared planes of the AD range. Unlike with induction hobs, there is no need to use specific containers: the antenna integrated in the heating element perceives the presence of any type of metal pot, turning off the cooking zone when it is removed from the hob.

Preheating and storage: for optimal temperature.

Thanks to this function you can turn on the cooking area before placing the pot, adjusting the heat with a knob. The system stores the temperature so set and automatically reproposes it in subsequent uses.

So many “plus” … without spending much more.

Energy saving, better operation in the kitchen, longer life of internal components, immediacy and safety of use: ENERGY-SAVING PAN DETECTOR has many advantages over traditional infrared cooking systems, with an affordable cost.